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Remarkist Magazine (rmrk*st) is part of a broader project focused on empowering creativity and story development through fan ideas, perspective, and inspiration. If that sounds interesting, you should subscribe.

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Doing so will bring you community-led commentary on trending story franchises and explorations of the fan-creator economy. You’ll also learn about our fandom ecosystem of events and fan-build content. We’ll send you four to eight feature articles monthly, and you can check in at this site for regular exclusives.

We also have a few community hubs where hundreds of Remarkists are geeking out daily over the shows we love: hosting live podcast-style events for each other, playing games, and even dreaming up new stories together. We believe pop culture’s biggest future franchises will come directly from communities, and this magazine will chronicle that evolution.

Here’s how to dive deeper into what we’re doing:

  • Get our iPhone or Android app! We’re in the early stages of building our own fan-creator economy. Grab your unique @membername and be one of the earliest to collect our KRNL token while earning rates are high. KRNL fuels Remarkist’s economy of events, content, and collectibles.

  • Join our Discord Server—this is where hundreds of Remarkists are geeking out over our favorite stuff 24 hours a day, and it’s where you can get the latest developments on the project. When you join, introduce yourself in #general-chat. Members are friendly and eager to collaborate!

  • Check out our main website at remarkist.com for a splashy birds-eye view of the biggest stuff happening in our ecosystem.

  • Share this project with others. Creativity and story are best with friends!

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A community-driven fandom zine exploring popular story franchises, creativity, and the fan-creator economy


A team of editors at Remarkist curating a variety of content across fandom, pop culture, and the creator economy.
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